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Private Lesson Instuctors

Ms. Brennan Blankenship, M.M.

                                      Brennan Blankenship has moved back to the Spring/Klein                                           area after earning her B.A. in Music from Pepperdine                                                     University and her Masters  degree in Music from the                                                   University of Minnesota to open a voice studio for singers                                            who are looking for classical vocal training.  As a past                                                   student of local voice teacher Diana Stoerzbach and two-                                             year member of the Texas All-State Choir, she knows what it takes to be an effective singer both chorally and as a soloist. She is currently a member of the Houston Grand Opera Chorus and has performed many opera roles across the country. Miss Blankenship has been studying music for fifteen years and teaching voice for seven. She strives to make lessons fun while working hard to make every minute count. If you want to know more about Miss Blankenship's operatic career and upcoming performances, please visit her website at


If you are interested in taking lessons, please contact the Klein Oak choir directors or Miss Blankenship at

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